20 Places You Should Never Ever Swim

Places You Should Never Ever Swim

Citarum River, Indonesia

Thinking about taking a refreshing dip in Indonesia’s longest river? re-evaluate . Java may be a tropical paradise that beckons visitors keen to explore its beautiful lands. But Citarum’s hazardous waters couldn’t be during a worse condition.

This is a river considered the foremost polluted on the earth .

this is often not an area to practice your strokes.

Some 20,000 plenty of waste and 340,000 plenty of wastewater is dumped direct into the river a day,

with 2,000 approximately industrial sites liable for wreaking environmental damage on a devastating scale.

Citarum is very toxic and deadly, its waters rich in mercury, lead, and arsenic, and presenting great dangers to human health. There are areas where you can’t even see the water for all the rubbish and dead animals that are floating on the surface. The world’s dirtiest river may be a depressing sight, one to avoid at the least costs.

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