Constipation in Cats remedies home


Many cats square measure ill-famed for not drinking abundant water. This makes them at risk of constipation. it’d be a significant error to require this condition gently. Constipation is rarely traditional.

It will result in tons of suffering and a poor quality of life, therefore it ought to be taken seriously.

Why is constipation in cats a giant deal?

First, constipation isn’t pleasing expertise for any cat. Second, continual episodes of constipation will cause irreversible enlargement of the colon. Serious constipation will result in a condition wherever the cat cannot expel stools the least bit and desires associate degree irrigation.

At worst, a cat is therefore blocked up or “impacted,” and also the colon therefore enlarged, that surgery is that the solely choice.

What causes constipation in cats?

The most common causes of feline constipation are:
• Dehydration
• Painful laxation
* Stress within the home
• A dirty litter box
• An illness

Identifying the cause isn’t continually simple, however, it’s vital in order that we will manage constipation and cut back the probabilities of it worsening.

an intensive discussion together with your family vet can assist you to verify the cause.

Your vet could ask:

• Was there an amendment in diet?
• Was there an amendment in water intake?
* Is your cat on any medication?
• Are there any painful joints which may keep your cat from reaching the litter box?
• Is there excessive licking or grooming?
* Could or not it’s a litter box issue?
• Was the kind of litter changed?
• Is the litter box clean usually enough?
* Are there multiple cats and not enough litter boxes?
• Is there a supply of stress within the social unit, like a replacement cat or a replacement dog?