Portable Mini Washer Machine Foldable

Portable Washing Machine Mini Foldable Washer, Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine,
Portable Washing Machine Mini Foldable Washer, Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine,

❤【Mini Washer】: The mini washer portable can increase the pleasant colors and reduce the quantity of laundry in small apartments,

villas or camping areas. Quick to put in and straightforward to use.

❤【High Quality】: Fully enclostouch console is gorgeous and safe. top quality polypropylene, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, odorless; Fully consider the appliance environment of the clothing, and may usually be us without entering or leaving water.

❤【Full Cleaning】: Washing machine with ozo-ne generator. Each working cycle of the ozo-ne generator works for 74 seconds, and the washing machine runs 6 cycles each time to achieve the purpose of full cleaning.

❤【Easy to Use】: One button to start out , easy to use, just press a button to start out the washer , 6 cycles, each cycle 3 times forward and reverse 22 seconds,

plus 74 seconds within the middle of oz-on-e generation. 14 minutes of washing to make sure that the garments are clean.

❤【Wide Application】: The machine portable laundry is situable for all types of garments , laundry, clothes, towels, underwear, socks, t-shirts, toys or other small items and high-quality clothes;

are often wont to clean jewelry, glasses, fruits, tea- sets and vegetables. Perfect to be used in Home, Camping, Apartments, Dorms, RV and Business Trip!

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