The Biggest Travel Trends For 2020

Top Travel Trends

Single-use plastics are departure

We could also be faraway from traveling plastic-free, but there are small steps anyone can take while on a visit like taking a reusable cup and bottle alongside them. this may significantly reduce plastic waste during a trip!

More and more companies, hotels, resorts come up with ways to travel plastic-free.

The state of California, for instance, has already banned hotels from giving out plastic bottles of shampoo and conditioner ranging from 2023!

Using self-filtering water bottles is yet one more thanks to reducing plastic waste while traveling.

The Biggest Travel Trends For 2020

Women-only tourism

It seems more and more women are going traveling and if solo travelers have always been out there somewhere exploring the good Beyond, now the not-so-new trend goes on female-only trips in groups.

But not only that!

Travel companies reveal that ladies are highly curious about engaging and supporting other women during their travels,

so female guides are hired and special tours are organized therefore the travelers can engage with local female artisans and even buy their produce.

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