These 9 Dangerous Travel Destinations Should Never Be Visited

9 – Caracas, Venezuela:

9 Dangerous Travel Destinations You Should Never Visit

Caracas is that the capital of Venezuela, With a population of around 4 million,

known for the standard of its luxury restaurants with a spread of worldwide meals, known also of the Avila park ,

But the sweetness stops here, Caracas is one among the foremost violent cities within the world, it’s ranked 2nd in 2019,

With a murder rate of 111.2 deaths per 100,000 people, plus the kidnappings, carjacking… which makes it considered a “Do Not Travel” destination by numerous international travel insurance advisories.

THIS was Caracas Number #9 on the foremost dangerous destinations,

But are you able to guess Number #1 where i used to be close to lose my life? open To Read More…

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